10 easy climate action tips for small businesses

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Gala Anania Published on Jan 18 2022

Most small businesses feel like they need training to fight climate change. Here are some ideas of climate-friendly actions that are easy to implement and can go a long way towards protecting the planet.

  • Start measuring your carbon footprint and find out where you can easily cut emissions.
  • Switch to a renewable energy provider.
  • Perform an energy audit. This will reveal your usage patterns, identify where energy is being wasted, and generally make you more aware of what your energy bill is going towards. This will help you save both energy and money.
  • Check if your office air conditioning is due for maintenance. AC leaks could actually be significantly raising your carbon footprint as refrigerants have massive global warming potential - not to mention harmful health effects.
  • Make sure your office boiler is getting its yearly checkups. Boilers can consume a lot of energy if they’re not serviced regularly.
  • Install transparent window film to minimise glare and heat. This helps to keep the office cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And, if you haven’t already, consider lowering the AC or heating intensity a notch (or two).
  • Promote a #vegetarianmonday challenge, order vegan meals for meetings, or even institute a vegetarian-only company meals policy.
  • t. If you do need new electronics, refurbished options are as good as new for a fraction of the cost - and the footprint.
  • Run our 1-hour Climate Action Workshop to raise awareness and involve employees in in-house eco-initiatives.
  • Get employees involved and engaged by creating a climate action idea board. Ask for regular contributions, read them out loud at team meetings and get people to vote for their favourite initiatives.

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By Gala Anania, Climate Evangelist at myFootprint