Tracking and reducing your company’s emissions: good for the planet and good for business

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Gala Anania Published on Jan 26 2022

Carbon footprinting can help your company thrive. Here’s how.

Lower emissions = lower costs, more opportunities

Carbon footprinting helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions, which often goes hand in hand with increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness in a company’s processes. By pointing to any waste and inefficiencies in the company’s energy and raw material consumption, carbon footprinting can enable energy, material and cost savings. Insights from carbon footprinting can also drive innovation as companies seek to develop eco-friendlier products.

Attract customers, employees and investors

Sustainability - including carbon emissions - is an increasingly important consideration for consumers, employees and investors alike. With carbon footprinting, companies can make scientifically supported, credible, greenwashing-proof statements about their sustainability performance and establish their reputation as an eco-friendly brand.

Manage risks

Managing carbon emissions through footprinting is a great way to future-proof the company, making it more resilient to future risks like tighter emissions legislation, rising material costs (e.g. oil prices) or reduced demand for high-carbon products.

MyFootprint can help you measure your company’s carbon footprint in just a few minutes. We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions - drop us a line.

By Gala Anania, Climate Evangelist at myFootprint