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Our Mission

We have less than 10 years to avoid the devastating consequences of our rapidly changing climate. If we want to prevent permanent damage to our planet we need to start fighting global heating now. And that’s where myFootprint comes in.

Our mission is to help every company to become a zero-carbon emitter. We use our innovative and powerful software application to allow companies to measure, reduce, and offset their carbon emissions. We value transparency and credibility, not greenwashing.


Alexis, our CEO, is a serial entrepreneur, former strategy consultant and corporate leader. He holds an engineering degree and has 15+ years experience working in sustainability and climate tech. His experience includes consulting at McKinsey & Company, founding Clearvolt to help companies access renewable energy, leading and growing the B2B and B2C renewable business at Engie and launching clean tech digital ventures with BCG DV, the leading digital venture builder globally. He also codes and has a passion for everything sustainable and tech. In his free time he ejoys travelling and kitesurfing.

Julio, our CTO, is a software developer and data scientist, has two masters in Sustainable Energy Systems and Innovation, and 10+ years experience in the sustainability sector. He specialised in building Web Applications and developing Machine Learning algorithms with business applications. He career includes working as a Data Analyst at Red Bull and developing software applications for the renewable energy business at Engie. In his free time he teaches code at Le Wagon and Imperial College London. He lived in 6 countries and fluently speaks as many languages.

Manuel, our Growth Director, has 15 years experience in growing sales for startups. He brings expertise in sales management, business development, account management, marketing and strategic planning. He has led multi-cultural, global teams to achieve quotas and revenue goals. His experience includes being Europe Sales Director of Gympass, now a Unicorn, as well as Gymlib and Education First. He holds a law and business degree as well as an MBA.

Chiara, our Communications Strategist, is an English literature student with a passion for sustainability, tech and writing. Alongside being a full-time student at Durham University, Chiara works with a host of startups and digital publications, from Quaranzine (satire for social isolation) to Re-fab, a sustainable fashion startup tackling the problem of waste packaging, to fight climate change and spread what she believes to be the most powerful force of all, optimism. Chiara speaks French, Spanish, Italian and English fluently and enjoys practicing yoga, reading and going to art exhibitions in her spare time.

Gala, our Climate Evangelist, has worked with the World Bank, the Climate Investment Fund, the Moroccan government and many others on climate change, renewable energy and environmental sustainability. She holds a Master's degree in Sustainability Management and Innovation. In her past life, she worked as a conference interpreter and has also dabbled in code. She has been in the Zero Waste lifestyle since 2014, has lived in 6 countries, speaks 4 languages, and enjoys slow travel and canyoning.

Meet our Team

Alexis Steverlynck

Co-founder & CEO

Julio Quintana

Co-founder & CTO

Manuel Martin-Rabadan

Co-founder & Growth Director

Chiara Maurino

Communications Strategist

Gala Anania

Climate Evangelist

Join us

If you have questions, suggestions or would like to contribute please do get in touch by sending us an email to hello@myfootprint.ai or calling us on +44 7521 200 792



+44 7521 200 792