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Plant Trees

Trees are the best natural carbon sink.

Our projects replace wasteful methods of farming and land management with sustainable alternatives. From tree planting to forest conservation, let’s create a healthier ecosystem for all forms of animal, plant and human life.

35 million

trees planted

16 thousand

hectares protected

50 thousand

CO2 tons avoided

Clean Tech

Fund clean energy.

Zero carbon energy sources replace fossil-fuels.

We’re going above and beyond developing clean energy. Our project are designed to benefit entire regions by increasing local employment, improving road quality and infrastructure and strengthening the energy networks.

223 turbines


8 thousand

powered houses

90 thousand

CO2 tons avoided


Provide clean water access.

These projects target not only the environment, but also the communities that inhabit it.

Many rural communities do not have access to clean water. It is often fetched from polluted sources. In order to make it safe for consumption the water is boiled using firewood.

46 million

clean water lts

250 thousand

trees saved

30 thousand

CO2 tons avoided

All of our projects are certified to the highest standards, ensuring that every tiny particle of carbon is effectively removed from the atmosphere.

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European leader in sustainable project development, ensures your money has the largest sustainable impact.

GS sets the standard for climate and development interventions to quantify, certify and maximise their impact.

The world’s leading voluntary program for the certification of emission reduction projects.


Inspiration to reduce.

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