Climate projects with powerful impact

We fund the most impactful climate solutions. Your contribution will help plant trees, protect forests, develop clean energy technologies and so much more.


Plant trees.

Trees are the best natural carbon sink.

Our projects replace wasteful methods of farming and land management with sustainable alternatives. From tree planting to forest conservation, let’s create a healthier ecosystem for all forms of animal, plant and human life.

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Agroforestry in Bolivia
Forest conservation in Guatemala


Fund clean energy.

Zero carbon energy sources replace fossil-fuels

We’re going above and beyond developing clean energy. Our project are designed to benefit entire regions by increasing local employment, improving road quality and infrastructure and strengthening the energy networks.

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Wind Power in India


Provide water access.

These projects target not only the environment, but also the communities that inhabit it.

Many rural communities do not have access to clean water. It is often fetched from polluted sources. In order to make it safe for consumption the water is boiled using firewood.

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Clean Water in Uganda
Efficient Cookstoves in Burkina Faso


Our commitment: guaranteed impact.

We’re serious about transparency, so here’s a list of promises.



We work with two independent, trustworthy, third-party certification agencies; Golden Standard and VCL. They conduct an impartial verification process on all our projects to ensure we are effectively neutralising carbon emissions.

Lasting impact

We’re playing the long game here, our projects are designed to provide long-lasting carbon emission avoidance or removal. Meaning that the trees we are planting, we guarantee you, are not being harvested to burn as wood. We’re seriously thinking long-term, are you?

Sustainable development

Our climate solutions don't only neutralise carbon emissions, they also have a huge positive impact on local communities. In fact, each and every single project supports one, if not more, of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals

We’ve got high standards.